Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies
Spanish Oaks Ranch
1 Week Old
New Born: 1Day Old

This is
Spanish Oaks Southern Bell
(taken at 9 months old)

Bella is a 3 year old registered AKC Sable.

She is active, energetic, inquisitive and loves people!
We hope to start doing Agility Training and Trials with her.

Future Litters planed for Fall 2011
Bella and Misty
2 Weeks Old
3 Weeks Old
1st Outing!!!
5 to 6 Weeks Old
Spanish Oaks
Tombstone Miss
Josie and Bella
Spanish Oaks Tombstone Miss
(taken at 6 moths old)

Josie is a AKC Registered Black headed Tri

Josie is a personality clone of her mother, Bella.
She loves people and eager to please.

We plan on  breeding Josie in Spring 2012
If you are interested in any of our puppies,
please give us a call!

~Whelped: October 13th, 2009~
6 Happy, Healthy Puppies
3 Boys, 3 Girls
Tricolor and Sables

To all my Adopting Families.... Thank
We're sorry...
We have suspended our breeding
program at this time...

Please check back for updates!!!
Past Litters