Hobby & Recreation Group
Spanish Oaks Ranch
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Studs
SO Ten Gallon Stetson
SO Perro de Vaca
Moose and Zack are full brothers.  Whelped in August' 2004 they are part of
Misty's 1st litter.

Both of our Boys are healthy, active, friendly and love people.

Please call or e-mail us for further information

STUD FEE:  $400.00
(If desired; AI is available, done by a Veterinarian at the Dam's owners expense)
Moose is an AKC Registered
Red Headed Tricolor.
Weighs approx. 30lbs.
Zach is an AKC Registered
Min. Black Headed Tricolor
and the carbon copy of his sire;
~Champian Companion~
Weighs approx. 28lbs.
We are sorry, but we currently have no stud service available at this time.