Spanish Oaks Ranch
Originating in Germany, the German Shorthaired Pointer is considered one of the best all-purpose hunting dogs.  They work well in open
fields and marshes as well as in  the woods and on mountainous terrains.  It is especially excellent as a hunter of grouse and pheasant
in upland areas.

The German Shorthair's heritage is somewhat a mystery, however; it is believed to be a mix of pointing and scent hound breeds.  The
German Shorthaired Pointer is an enthusiastic worker, friendly, intelligent and willing to please which not only makes them excellent
hunting dogs, but well suited for family life.  The German Shorthaired Pointer was also the 2005 Westminster Best in Show winner.

It's coat is short, flat and course and sheds very little.  German Shorthaired Pointer is normally colored solid liver, liver and white
(Mosgard), liver-white-spotted- ticked and liver roan.  Shorthair's that are black or any variance of liver (red, yellow, tan) are considered
flawed and are not show ring quality dogs according to AKC standards.
Our girl, Spanish Oaks South Wind; "Windy", is

At this time we do not have any new
litters, but please check in from time to
This Litter was welped on July 23, 2005

The Sire is
"Ruger Duke Carter of Snowbird".

Both Parents are  Liver and Ticked.
These puppies will start ticking out in a couple of weeks.

Both parents are AKC Registered and have Championship linages in both
Field and Show
German Shorthair Pointers